Do Casinos Ever Cheat?

Do Casinos Ever Cheat?

Step into the shadowy corners of the blackjack world as we expose how dealers can manipulate the game to their advantage. Featuring renowned casino cheating authority Jason England, this video dissects the techniques that can spell disaster for unsuspecting players. Whether you’re an aspiring card counter or a casual player, get equipped with the knowledge to spot and sidestep the cheats that could be lurking at your table.

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Basic Strategy:

00:00 – Introduction / Background
01:03 – How Casinos Cheated in the Past
02:29 – Dealing Seconds
04:21 – Dump Off
05:50 – False Shuffle / Stacking Aces
08:06 – Gaffed Shoe
09:30 – Size-up Mispay
11:07 – Should You Worry About Cheating Dealers Today?